Crystal Clear Audio Production.

A great video production is almost always supplemented by a great soundtrack. M&M’s Audio Room is the perfect space to get crystal clear audio recordings for voiceovers, radio ads or music tracks.

We love making music so we probably have all the tools you need for digital music production. From full multi-track compositions to catchy jingles and sounds effects, we can help. Not ideal for live drum kits but plenty of room to plug-in a guitar or two.

Use our seamless 17 x 20 cyclorama wall to create the illusion of infinite depth. Equipped with its own dedicated lighting rack ready for photography or perfect for video shoots.

Ideal space for photographers shooting portrait shots or consumer products. For video, we treated the space with acoustic panels to get great audio for your next video project.

9 foot wide Chroma Key Green Screen is perfectly lit with a flip of a switch. Get a clean professional looking chromo key with ease.

Need more space? We can adjust the studio for up to a 20 foot wide green screen or even convert our white cyclorama wall to green.

Top of line professional lighting available for your next photo of video shoot. Remote controlled dual-color temperature LED lights, Kino Flos, portable lighting, and more.

Need the extras? We have all the light modifiers you could possibly need. Flags, fingers, reflectors, etc… Plus all the stands, extensions, and mounts to go with it.

Need that perfect shot? Pick from our bag of camera tricks. We have dollies, jibs, sliders and other gadgets to make getting to notch shots a breeze.

Of course we have all the essentials too. From gaff tape to C-Stands to cables and adapters.

Need custom background music or a jingle?

Music makes the world go ’round and we plan on keeping the world spinning forever. We love making music so ask about our music production services.

Our team is comprised of producers, musicians, audio engineers, songwriters, and vocalists ready to work on your next big hit.

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